Idiot Gets Ice Cream Slapped Out Of His Hand

In this clip from feature film Crowning Jules, Kenny Prawat shows us his lovable idiot skills.

Hungry Hippo

Kenny Prawat eats, even in a hostage situation.

Fantasy Football

Carl is appalled to find his clients are gay.

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Priceless Heirloom

Kenny Prawat doesn't know the difference between priceless and expensive.

Madly Unto Eternity

Kenny plays Leonard, a cocaine addict, who becomes uncomfortably nosy with his cell mate.

Plague Victim Collection

A body collector searches for corpses.


Patrick tries to awkwardly deflect Kassie's advances.

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Kenny tries to relate to his young neighbors.

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Kiss Me like a Tiger

A man just can't say goodbye to his lover.

Amish Country

A group of Amish men compare their tans.